How to Optimize your Site for Voice Search

How to Optimize your Site for Voice Search

In the coming future, voice search is expected to rule the empire of search engines. Experts believe that more than half of the users will use voice search for exploring internet by 2020.

It can be defined as the search mechanism where the users make their voice queries (i.e. queries made by speaking) to the search engines using a device which may include a home assistant, a mobile etc.

The rapidly growing statistics of voice search users have flooded the market with ‘smart speaker’ devices like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s new HomePod, and Google Home. The increasing demand of these devices proves that voice search has reached our homes with an intention of staying longer.

A few ways of optimizing your website in accordance with voice search are:

1. Speed up your website

For an effective voice search, it’s important to keep track of the speed of your website. Two of the most effective ways of improving the site speed are – on your key pages, you can adapt Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which makes your web content more accessible on the mobile devices; or you can enhance your site through a responsive web design which renders way more benefits to your site than merely enhancing its speed. It also helps in reducing the bounce rate by retaining the viewers of your pages.

2. Secure your website

Researches say that an HTTPS security not only boosts the search results of a site but also plays a vital role in voice search as it has been discovered that voice search results usually include the URLs which have adopted HTTPS.

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